Dr. David Western, Founder & Chairman — Nairobi, Kenya/San Diego, CA, USA

Dr. Western is founding executive director of African Conservation Centre. Raised in Tanzania and now a Kenyan citizen, he has spent over 37 years engaged in research in Kenya studying the interactions between livestock, wildlife, and humans, with the aim of developing conservation strategies applicable at an ecosystem scale. As former director of Kenya Wildlife Service and conservation director for Wildlife Conservation Society, Dr. Western has been active in many areas of conservation, including community-based conservation, international programs, conservation planning, ecotourism, training, directing governmental and non-governmental organizations and public education. He and his wife, Dr. Shirley Strum, spend several months each year in California, where Dr. Strum is professor of anthropology at the University of California at San Diego. Their daughter Carissa is in graduate school in conflict resolution and international peace, and their son, Guy, is currently studying at UC Santa Barbara.

Mr. George G. Maina, Vice Chairman

Mrs. Lucy Warauingi, Executive Director — Nairobi, Kenya

Lucy Waruingi has been working with the African Conservation Centre (ACC) for over 20 years. Lucy was appointed Executive Director of African Conservation Centre in July of 2012. Lucy holds a BSc in Computer Science and statistics from University of Nairobi and an MSc. in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). She is currently seeking funding to pursue a PhD.

Lucy has had long interest in the management and interpretation of biological and environmental data for decision-making and informing initiatives that enhance local livelihoods in rich biodiversity areas. She is part of a regional effort in East Africa that is seeking to develop a framework for the mobilization of biodiversity information for the sustainable management of natural resources.

Lucy is the current chair and a founder member of the Society for Conservation GIS, Kenya Chapter and a member of the Society for Conservation Int’l Board of Directors.

Dr. Mary Ann Burris, Member

Mr. Stefano Cheli

Dr. Sopiato Likimani — Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Nick Oguge — Nairobi, Kenya


Mr. Michael S. Ole Tiampati — Nairobi, Kenya

Mr. Tiampati is the National Coordinator at Pastoralist Development Network of Kenya where he works to promote sustainable livelihoods for pastoralists.



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