ACC’s resource centres serve as community hubs where best practices in scientific research and indigenous knowledge are exchanged, livelihoods (in synergy with conservation goals) are developed, and partners from around the world gather to collaborate.

The South Rift Resource Centre is a product of SORALO (South Rift Association of Landowners) in collaboration with ACC (African Conservation Centre). This is a community based/women owned natural resource and research centre, a physical place that provides a centre for information storage and dissemination. The centre provides the community with a forum to engage with partners (scientists, practitioners) on knowledge creation, dissemination and application.

Lale’enok facilitates the advancement of community livelihoods, sustainable resource management and human-wildlife coexistence through the integration of research, livestock development, tourism, and other income generating community projects. The program operates within Olkiramatian and Shompole group ranches.

Secondary and Primary schools help students understand the value of nature and conservation. Through talks, lectures and group discussions, students get a chance to share information on nature and conservation. This program started in the year 2010. Through the resource center nature walks are conducted with the students, they learn to identify different plants and animal species, including the poisonous species and they are also taught on the importance of the area’s natural they are able to conserve and manage the environment through the knowledge impacted.

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