Poachers, drawn in by the sky-high price of ivory are killing an estimated 96 elephants everyday in Africa – bringing elephants ever closer to the brink of extinction. Although the prospects are dire, African Conservation Centre (ACC) and our progressive community partners are having success in slowing and in some cases stopping the slaughter in parts of Kenya and Tanzania. ACC, in collaboration with NGOs and government anti-poaching forces, are protecting elephants where they live through the Game Scouts Program, training and managing a large network of community game scouts, and through the Kenya-Tanzania Borderland Initiative which brings together key conservation players to build conservation capacity for communities, identify emerging crises, provide emergency rapid response support, and coordinate and communicate information.

Kenya-Tanzania Borderland Conservation

The Kenya-Tanzania borderlands region supports some of the richest wildlife populations on earth through a network of national parks and reserves, as well as the pastoral lands that connect them. Conservation of the borderlands region is critical to the long-term…


Game Scouts

Since their inception in 1997, the Game Scouts have gained momentum around the country in areas where communities have conservancies and want to increase protection for wildlife, tourists or livestock. Community scouts have an advantage over…



ACC’s conservancies yield tourism revenues as well as serve as dry season refuges, decreasing the communities’ vulnerability to drought. Environmental degradation due to over grazing is also minimized thus restoring the health of the rangelands.


Ecosystem Monitoring

Ecosystem monitoring is an essential tool used to gauge the ecological integrity of a landscape. The process involves determining conditions and/or activities that adversely affect the landscape and identifying possible management actions to mitigate them…


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