ACC’s programs celebrate and promote the Maasai’s pastoral traditions that reduce land degradation and permanent settlements and provide a landscape in which both people and wildlife can thrive.

Maasai Cultural Heritage

The Maasai have become the iconic face of Africa in recent decades, thanks to popular culture and mass tourism. Despite their fame, the Maasai are fast losing their material culture and profound knowledge of livestock, environment and wildlife.


Youth Environmental Education

ACC has partnered with Cheli & Peacock Community Trust and the Mara North Conservancy to improve conservation education and promote the protection of Kenya’s biodiversity for the next generation. Since the project was launched in June 2012…


Women's Enterprise

Increasing women’s economic opportunities is imperative to building sustainable conservation practices and more equitable societies. Our programs empower women to develop conservation-related enterprises so that they can more actively contribute to…


Earth Expeditions

Since_, ACC has partnered with Earth Expeditions and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to give students an immersion in sustainable approaches to human-wildlife coexistence. Based on Dr. David Western decades-long research of Maasai pastoralists…


Kenya - China Exchange

In March of 2014, representatives of The Shan Shui Conservation Center joined ACC to explore how Maasai community-based monitoring could be applied to the Tibetan Plateau. The Shan Shui Conservation Center is a Chinese NGO founded in 2007…


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