ACC and its collaborators are mapping the distribution of animals, plants and human livelihoods; modeling their vulnerability to climate and land use change; and recommending mitigating and adaptive strategies.

Climate Change Modeling

ACC is taking on the challenge of conserving the biodiversity of the Kenya-Tanzania borderlands in the face of climatic change and land fragmentation. This program brings together scientists and conservationists to map the distribution of animals, plants…


NASA Ecological Forecasting

In collaboration with SERVIR-Africa, ACC assessed the ‘Vulnerability of Biodiversity to Climate Change’. The project digitized specimen records for all taxa, plants, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles, and amphibians specifically for climate change modelling.


Ecosystem Monitoring

Ecosystem monitoring is an essential tool used to gauge the ecological integrity of a landscape. The process involves determining conditions and/or activities that adversely affect the landscape and identifying possible management actions to mitigate them.


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