Call for Proposals! Greater Kilimanjaro Initiative for Enhancing Community Participation in Trans Frontier Conservation

  • 14th May 201814/05/18
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African Conservation Centre has begun to implement an EU funded initiative called “Greater Kilimanjaro Initiative for Enhancing Community Participation in Trans Frontier Conservation”. In partnership with the lead applicant, Oikos East Africa, ACC invites proposals for the following consultancy services: Interventions to Map and Protect the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha Corridor in with the South Rift Landscape.

This corridor covers 3650 km2 and it is a key stepping stone for wildlife connecting the Greater Amboseli Ecosystem to the Natron-Magadi complex and the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem.

The Illiangarunyori/Maparasha corridor is poorly known and is presently threatened by charcoal production and illegal tree cutting, fencing, uncontrolled water resources, poaching and human-wildlife conflict and lacks rangers to patrol and enforce existing laws. The scope of the consultancy is to identify, within the corridor, significant areas that will be the focus of conservation efforts aimed at inverting the present wildlife loss trends by establishing new field units which will both collect relevant environmental data and inform the design of urgent strategies for the conservation of this area and retention of the vital ecosystem connectivity.

The consultants are invited to submit a technical proposal and a financial proposal for consulting services required for the assignment stated in the letter of invitation.

The Technical proposal shall provide the following information:

(a) The organisation profile and/or individual consultant’s CV and a brief of any recent experience of assignment of a similar nature. For each assignment the brief should indicate the profiles of staff involved, contract amount and the individual consultant’s involvement.

(b) Any comments or suggestions on the Terms of Reference and a list of service and facilities requested to be provided by the procuring entity.

(c) A description of the methodology and work plan for performing the proposed assignment.

(d) Any additional information requested in the special conditions of contract.

The Technical proposal shall be separate from the Financial proposal and shall not include any Financial information.

Terms of Reference

Phase 1
Identification of Minimum Viable Conservation Areas and Participatory Resource Mapping

Objective: Participatory Resource Mapping and Identification of Minimum Viable Conservation Areas and realistic conservation strategies.

1. Identify possible stakeholders in the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha area
2. Conduct stakeholder engagement meetings with landowners in the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha area to identify Minimum Viable Conservation Area (MVCA).
3. Identify potential conservation areas and wildlife corridors and seasonal wildlife and livestock use within the MVCA.

Phase 2
Enhanced Protection of the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha corridor

Objective: Development and implementation of measures to improve wildlife and environmental protection in the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha corridor.

1. Threat’s assessment for the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha corridor technical report
2. Evaluation of human and livestock use of the area.
3. Establishment of a proven, effective Human-Wildlife Conflict team formed by selected community game scouts to enhance wildlife and people’s security

— List and profile of conservation stakeholders within the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha area
— Map of proposed MVCA
— Map of potential conservations and wildlife corridors within MVCA
— Threat assessment report for Illiangarunyori/Maparasha area< — Patrol records, summary of incidents attended and maps of scout deployment within the Illiangarunyori/Maparasha area    


The consultancy will be undertaken over a period of 8 months (from May to December 2018).

It will be undertaken in 2 phases which are conducted concurrently.


Please send your application by the 25th of May 2018 to this address:

Email —
Address — P. O. Box 15289, Nairobi1
Phone — 020 891360


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