MABINGWA Film Screening–Understanding Young People’s Attitudes Towards Wildlife & Conservation

  • 14th March 201814/03/18
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Today, 14th March 2018, The ESCAPE Foundation along with Well Told Story, African Wildlife Foundation, African Conservation Centre and the Conservation Alliance of Kenya will proudly present at the KWS HQ, MABINGWA, the film that follows the lives of four young people from four corners of Kenya, exploring their relationship to nature and what barriers they face to appreciate and benefit from Kenya’s natural resources and to engage in its conservation.

The film MABINGWA is produced by three-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Matt Mays and based on research that explores young people’s differing views on conservation and wildlife with the goal to lay the foundation for a new approach to greater engagement by Kenyans in the protection of our natural resources.

The ground-breaking research reflected in MABINGWA has found young Kenyans feel detached from wildlife conservation, but simple steps could increase their support to protect their country’s precious natural resources before it’s too late.


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