ACC & UNEP-WCMC Partnership Win Global Challenges Research Fund Award

  • 26th January 201826/01/18
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The African Conservation Centre (ACC) Nairobi, is part of the UNEP-WCMC led partnership that has won the Global Challenges Research Fund Award (GCRF). The project named ACACIA is a China, UK, East African partnership and will focus on helping countries be better equipped to plan for a sustainable future. This global partnership of cross-disciplinary research and capacity building capability will contribute to the design of sustainable and resilient development corridors in East Africa and spearhead an international network of shared learning.

The project, Encouraging sustainable growth: East Africa Growth Corridors and the China to Africa Connection, will take a detailed looked at some of the proposed development corridors in East Africa and consider how they can be designed to deliver sustainable, inclusive and resilient economic growth.

The project kicked of this January 2018 and we look forward to a very fruitful collaboration across the continents and the region.


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