ACC Lauds Longtime Employee

ACC Lauds Longtime Employee
October 28, 2018 Carolyn Greene
ACC Staff: Zipporah Wanakuta

ACC Lauds Longtime Employee

Zipporah Wanakuta, fondly known as Zippy, has retired after having worked as ACC’s Administrative Assistant for 30 years.

Since joining ACC in 1988, Zippy has worked with eight executive directors and has witnessed ACC’s growth, its numerous successes, and its rebranding in 1995 from its former name, Wildlife Conservation International. Zippy takes great pride in having set up ACC’s administrative system. Zippy has observed that conservation is ever-changing; and new phenomena, such as landscape modifications, people, and cultures have always intrigued her.

“I have never seen something as dynamic as conservation;
I learnt every day and never felt like changing jobs.”

She has marveled as ACC’s initial projects have evolved to fully fledged organizations such as the South Rift Association of Land Owners, the Amboseli Conservation Program, and the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust.

Zippy is proud of ACC’s ability to mentor individuals and nurture organizations and institutions.

“I have seen students come through ACC who have furthered their studies and gained rich experience and are now Kenya’s leading conservationists.”

ACC Chairman Dr. David Western describes Zippy as entirely suited for her role as the organization’s secretary. “When Zippy joined us almost 30 years ago she was the perfect fit.” She had excellent connections from the conservation field and government agencies. She connects well with people, visitors and all ACC contacts. “Zippy was the face of ACC from the beginning. Her personal touch will be hard to lose and difficult to replace,” he said.

Although now retired, Zippy will always be a part of ACC and adored by those that had the chance to work with her! Thank you Zippy!

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