Our Team

Our Team


The African Conservation Centre has a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in conservation biology, natural resource management, community conservation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) who are committed to ensuring the conservation of biodiversity while enhancing its values to the local communities.

ACC Executive Director, Mrs. Lucy Waruingi

Mrs. Lucy Waruingi


Lucy Waruingi has been working with the African Conservation Centre (ACC) for over 20 years. Lucy was appointed Executive Director of African Conservation Centre in July of 2012. Lucy holds a BSc in Computer Science and statistics from University of Nairobi and an MSc. in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).

Lucy has had long interest in the management and interpretation of biological and environmental data for decision-making and informing initiatives that enhance local livelihoods in rich biodiversity areas. She is part of a regional effort in East Africa that is seeking to develop a framework for the mobilization of biodiversity information for the sustainable management of natural resources.

Lucy is the current chair and a founder member of the Society for Conservation GIS, Kenya Chapter and a member of the Society for Conservation Int’l Board of Directors.

ACC Staff: Florence Gichoya

Ms. Florence Gichoya


I am responsible for promoting the ACC brand, writing and producing the organizations’ communications materials to our diverse audiences on different platforms, media liaison and documenting the impact of ACC’s projects in different landscape areas. I also plan and execute the organization’s events.

The conservation work of the late Nobel Laurate, Wangari Maathai, is my inspiration to tell the untold human interest conservation stories. Her story of a hummingbird’s effort to put out a forest fire as other large animals stood by, is my clarion call to be like the hummingbird and do the best I can.

ACC Team: Francis Kago

Mr. Francis Kago

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant with ACC’s Development Corridors Partnership (DCP) Project. My work entails data collection and assessing impacts of linear infrastructure on biodiversity and water resources in Kenya. I have a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management and currently undertaking graduate studies in Environmental Planning and Management.

I was born and raised near Lake Nakuru National Park - a critical ecosystem that is protected for its flagship species. It is this personal experience that inspired me to work in the conservation sector.

ACC Finance Manager, Evah Kalai

Ms. Evah Kalai


I am passionate about stewardship and the role of people in preserving and conserving the environment. I am inspired by Chief Seattle who said, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

ACC Staff: Robert Kiregi

Mr. Robert Kiregi


I work as the Office Assistant for ACC. I organize and maintain the office space for the staff and guests. I also perform general office clerical duties, catering services and office mail deliveries.

I am happy to see the evolution of conservation in Kenya from traditional methods to embracing modern technologies to conserve our wildlife in our national parks.

ACC Staff Jacque Macharia

Ms. Jacque Macharia

Programme Coordinator (I-CAN)

I manage and coordinate the Institutional Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) project. It is a seven-year research initiative led by ACC and McGill University in Canada. The goal of the project is to identify the most effective designs for future community-based conservation programs by examining the impacts of ongoing conservancy experiments on community livelihoods and members’ attitudes and practices towards natural resources. As the principle administrative liaison for the program in East Africa, some of my key responsibilities include coordinating and implementing the research activities through our more than 10 partners in Kenya and Tanzania.

I supervise and coordinate the provision of support services to investigators and researchers, monitoring the progress of research activities which includes assessing and providing a first level of quality control of research outcomes and products, and monitoring budgets and expenditures related to project plans and schedules. Essentially, I ensure all the pieces of the “puzzle” (partnership) are moving and working together towards achieving the program’s goal.

My son’s love for wildlife motivated me to venture into the conservation sector. I always took for granted that we would always have the numerous wildlife I saw roam freely in our ecosystem until my son started asking questions after watching several documentaries on threatened wildlife species and asking me what we were going to do about it. I knew I had to get involved for his sake and future generations. I also see connectivity in nature. When we destroy, overuse and neglect our ecosystems, soon the ripple effect is felt by humans leading to conflict, adverse climatic conditions, food insecurity among other complex issues. We are responsible for taking care of our environment and my work here at ACC is contributing in a small way to that goal.

ACC Staff: Kepha Moguche

Mr. Kepha Moguche

ICT Officer

I implement ACC’s long-term technology vision. I am responsible for formulating ICT strategies for different projects, supporting network and systems security, ICT training, project management applications, hardware and software management and networking. I also have expertise in regulatory compliance, virtualization and cloud technologies, data integrity and disaster recovery.

I was inspired to work in the conservation sector after being challenged by the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss on daily lives of people and animals.

ACC Team Fridah Meuni

Ms. Fridah Mueni

Programme Administrator

I support proposal development, work plans consolidation, budgeting, as well as monitoring and evaluation. I liaise with all projects managers and officers to support individual project work-plan development and consolidate them into an annual organizational plan. I also carry out the M&E function to monitor project implementation process, progress and performance. I document best practices as well as lessons learnt during implementation for organizational learning and reporting.

I believe that it is a human responsibility to take care of the environment and protect it. As a project management specialist, I am motivated to ensure that the communities who reside in Kenya’s critical biodiversity areas draw maximum benefit from the limited, available resources so that they remain motivated to secure the natural heritage for future generations. I am particularly passionate about empowering women and youth in biodiversity rich habitats to take action in conserving the environment by equipping them with critical knowledge and skills that enable them make changes in their lifestyles and adopt practices that ensure sustainable utilization of our natural resources.

ACC Staff: Julius Muriuki

Mr. Julius Muriuki

Programmes Officer

I am the Program Officer with ACC and hold a bachelor's degree in geography and Sociology and a diploma in Environmental Studies. I have over 10-years of work experience with key interests in community conservation, research mobilization, data collection and GIS data analysis.

I am passionate on implementing sustainable livelihood options for communities so that they can effectively participate in environmental conservation.

ACC Staff, Virginia Mulewa

Ms. Virginia Mulewa

Policy & Administrative Assistant

I support policy work across all projects and programs at African Conservation Centre. My love for natural environment motivates me to empower communities to take responsibility for conservation and prioritize the needs of others.

ACC Staff: Mary Mwangi

Ms. Mary Mwangi

Research Assistant

I work as a Research Assistant in the Development Corridor Partnership (DCP) project. I have a BSc degree in Wildlife Management an MSc degree in Conservation Biology.

As a young researcher and conservationist, I aspire to make a positive impact towards biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and community-based conservation.

ACC Staff: Dr. Tobias Nyumba

Dr. Tobias Nyumba

DCP Project Coordinator

I coordinate the Development Corridors Partnership (DCP) Project. This is a global research project that aims to generate decision-relevant evidence related to challenges facing development corridor processes in East Africa and feed it into key decision-making processes to improve the sustainable development outcomes of investments in development corridors.

I hold a BSc in Environmental Sciences from Egerton University, Kenya; MPhil in Environment, Society and Development, and DPhil in Geography from the University of Cambridge, UK.

My interests revolve around the exploration of the interactions among conservation and development intervention, human well-being and poverty alleviation, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. I am keen to promote science and applied research with practical relevance to biodiversity conservation and development policy within a multidisciplinary framework.

ACC Staff: Alvin Oduor

Mr. Alvin Oduor

Programme Assistant (I-CAN)

I am a Program Assistant under the Institutional Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) project. This is a research-based project whose main goal is to identify the most effective designs for future community-based conservation programs, by examining the impacts of ongoing conservancy experiments on community livelihood.

I provide operational, administrative, logistical and information management assistance to the I-CAN Coordinator and the project’s Working Groups (partners). I have a bachelor’s degree in Rangeland Management and have a keen interest in pastoral systems, community development and climate smart initiatives that are based on informed research. My greatest motivation is seeing empowered communities finding local solutions to solve the local problems that affect them.

ACC Team: Johnson Sipitiek

Mr. Johson Ole Sipitiek

Programmes Manager

I coordinate ACC programs in four main landscape areas: Amboseli, Laikipia, Magadi and Mara. I facilitate in programme planning, implementation and reporting on community livelihood projects. I also play a key role in developing new partnerships and conflict resolution for partners and community group ranches in our project areas. I have a bachelor’s degree in Community Development and a Master degree in Environment and Community Development.

I am always inspired when there is co-existence and harmony between people, livestock and wildlife.

ACC Team - Mr. Peter Solonka

Mr. Peter Solonka

Programmes Officer

I implement ACC projects in the greater Amboseli Ecosystem. My tasks involve creating and designing conservation programs and communities’ enterprises ventures for grassroots institutions, communities, Maasai women groups, youth groups and other stakeholders.

I enjoy conservation work because it ensures posterity of all biodiversity.

ACC Team - Losioki Somoire

Mr. Losioki Somoire

Conservation Education Outreach Officer

I lead ACC’s education program that aims to raise conservation awareness to the younger generation. I carry out training programs for teachers, students and communities who live in landscapes that have high wildlife population. I have a degree in Education Arts and am currently pursuing graduate studies in comparative education.

I am inspired by the beauty that exists in nature when people and livestock co-exist with wildlife. I look forward to a time when conservation will be a regular subject in every household, and that’s the reason why I authored a series of wildlife fact books for children. My mantra is ‘every generation has the opportunity to remake the world.’


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